What much are membership fees?

We offer unlimited CrossFit classes for as low as $99 a month, and there are no additional sign-on or registration fees.  For other membership options, please visit our Pricing Page .

When are you open?

Hour long  CrossFit  classes are currently offered early morning and late afternoon/evening ,  Monday – Friday.  On Saturday and Sunday, we offer mid-morning classes.   For specific class start times, please visit the detailed Schedule page.

Is CrossFit a good program if  I’m too out of shape or  older?

We feel CrossFit is for all ages and abilities, however, after 10 years of coaching we have come to the conclusion that certain individuals do well at Indy CrossFit.  We expect a lot out of our athletes.  We expect them to be coachable and to work hard to be better versions of themselves.  In turn, we feel like we give them world class coaching (regional qualifier, Masters Regional Qualifier, dozens of competition wins and 11 years CrossFit experience training and coaching thousands of athletes who have also qualified for Regionals and Games).

What is a WOD? 

WOD means Workout of the Day. This is the pre-programmed workout the trainer selects for the day that all participants do. Many are standards, such as the Hero WODs or the Girls. For more information visit the CrossFit.com website.

Do you offer trial workouts?

Yes, by appointment only.

Do you have an on-ramp program for beginners?

We introduce and instruct CrossFit to new members during each actual class rather than isolate you from intermediate and advanced CrossFitters.  We feel that this not only lets you gain  better insight to your potential, but you are also supported and motivated by the Indy CrossFit family.

Can I come in and do my own workout?


Do you allow drop-ins from out- of -town affiliates?

We do not allow drop-ins at this time.

If you have questions for information not posted on our website, please use the form below .

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